Security Policy

Network security vulnerabilities pose multi-billion dollar threats to corporations. InfoShare protects you with the industry’s most potent security tools and techniques that are designed, built and maintained specifically for enterprise-class Web operations.


Secure hosting starts at the data center and includes traditional locks, access controls and biometric surveillance systems. Robust fire suppression, HVAC, power feeds, hot-swappable servers and routers are available in the event of an outage. Background checks and certifications ensure the integrity of all personnel.


Our 100% Cisco Powered Network, built on hardened routers and audited by Cisco, ensure maximum security protection. Our secure server network incorporates a patented Intrusion Detection System to protect against external threats.
Firewalls are managed by security specialists and deployed in a ‘private IP’ space, while customer servers and routers are segregated in Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN). Server hosting network security features also include multi-level privileges, OS lockdowns, centralized authentication and device change logs.


All Operating Systems are loaded, hardened and managed to ensure proper security. By maintaining on-site inventories, Web laboratories and automated deployment systems — in addition to close relationships with key hardware vendors — we guarantee hardware availability.


Our security regimen also addresses the inherent vulnerabilities of applications. We implement firewalls and deactivate non-essential features to further protect applications.


By constantly updating our security systems, we ensure optimum protection for our customers. We monitor and address emerging threats, and quickly process and apply new security patches.


InfoShare employs advanced technologies to identify and address security weaknesses in Web-oriented servers, applications and activities. We constantly examine all firewalls, load-balancers, SSL accelerators and switches, as well as external developments, for any potential security events.

Should a security event occur, InfoShare can conduct a comprehensive post-incident examination designed to reduce the risk of future threats. By documenting dollar losses, if any, InfoShare can help justify the involvement of the FBI or other law enforcement agencies.

Security Testing Laboratory
InfoShare subjects all devices to full security testing before they are deployed — including the installation and configuration of the Operating System, the disabling of vulnerable or unneeded services, and advanced vulnerability tests.

Certified Engineers and Security Teams
To ensure a fast response to a security event, qualified personnel are available 24x7x365. Our security specialists have earned Cisco Certified Security Professional, Certified Information System Security Professional and other security certifications. Facility Security Access to InfoShare data center facilities is tightly controlled.

Although customers may generally visit their equipment at any time, 24 x 7 x 365, they must comply with certain access procedures and must provide advance notice to InfoShare for certain actions.

All visitors must be designated on an access list, must provide proper identification to and sign in with facility staff, and in shared environments or as otherwise necessary must be escorted in the facility.

All visitors are subject to full-time surveillance by cameras and other monitoring equipment.

Facility Access

As part of InfoShare’s security program for its data center facilities, InfoShare requires that each customer maintain an access list with the names of persons authorized to conduct business in the customer’s area within the specific data center facility.

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