Introducing The 42 Theme for Gutenberg from Aspen Grove Studios!

Posted On November 25, 2018

Introducing The 42 Theme for Gutenberg from Aspen Grove Studios!

We’ve been working a long time to bring you this exciting new project based on WordPress’ new visual editor, Gutenberg, and now we’re ready to introduce it to you! The 42 Theme will be released on the Aspen Grove Studios site soon, as well as in the WordPress Repository, but take a sneak peek at what’s to come.


What can you expect with the new release of The 42 Theme?

Besides being Gutenberg compatible, you can also use The 42 Theme with the WordPress Classic editor. This release will include several custom Gutenberg blocks – absolutely free! These blocks include:

  • An Icon block
  • A Call-To-Action block
  • A Search block
  • A Social Media Links block
  • A Carousel Post block

Watch as Aspen Grove Studios’ lead frontend developer, Jonathan Hall takes you through a preview of the exciting features and options included in the beta version of The 42 Theme in this video!

Reasons we named it “The 42 Theme”

  1. The Gutenberg Printing Press was a workflow breakthrough because it allowed you to print 42 lines at the same time.
  2. 42 is the ASCII code for the * which represents a wildcard or anything in code, this theme can be used for anything.
  3. The * is also the logo of Elegant Themes (paying homage to our roots, thank you Nick Roach).
  4. The ABC computer was at the center of a landmark patent case which resulted in the ‘computer’ itself being unpatentable and ‘open to all’; a mantra that runs deep in WordPress. It was completed in 1942.
  5. In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (one of our favorite science fiction books), 42 is the meaning of the life, the universe and everything.

We hope you enjoyed this preview of The 42 Theme, and anticipate its arrival on Aspen Grove Studios and in the WordPress Repository as much as we do!

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